$1,497.00 Per Person
Exploring and expanding the options of your True Self Relationship. Neuro-plasticity, experiential redirecting your auto-pilot reactions of survival, to new horizons of Love, Healing, Power & Trust.

Session 1 – 3:00pm PST-7:00pm PST

Session 2 – 8:00am PST-4:00pm PST

Session 3  – 8:00am PST- 4:00pm PST

Session 4 – 3:00pm PST-7:00pm PST | Graduation/Reunion

  • Creating and maintaining Deep, Healthy, Thriving, Authentic Relationships with yourself and others.
  • Practical experience redirecting thoughts and beliefs to literally create new pathways in the brain, fully embrace emotions, which direct behaviors.
  • Utilizing State of the Art processes that give you total control, to not hold back what has gotten you here, to direct it purposely and with discernment.
  • To use everything you feel, in the optimal way you want, to create what you want.
  • Experiencing Trust, Love, Deep Relationships, Passion, Clarity, and Courage.
  • Fears as Allies, that propel you quickly to where you want to be.
  • Shifting self-defeating beliefs, beliefs that stop you, cause procrastination, confusion and doubt.
  • Experiencing a higher state of Internal Alignment and Power.
  • Sustainable practices to deeply understand and experience your belief systems and experience ‘disconnecting’ and ‘redirecting’ those underlying beliefs to serve you at levels never before experienced.

Corporate discounts available for over 20 people.
Call for Scheduling Dates Online and/or Live trainings.


  • Online Class has protocols and you will receive a letter outlining them.
  • When we are able to do a live class, you also will receive a letter outlining any protocols.
  • Breaks will be approx. every hour. Lunch will be one hour on Sat. and Sun., with time working in small teams, in a breakout room.
  • Any Live classes would be held in Las Vegas, NV. at this time.
  • Future live classes TBA Locations and dates

If you are not satisfied with the value received, there will be a Money Back Guarantee, for those attending all 4 sessions, and completing the class, minus a $50.00 processing fee. Request must be received in writing within 48 hrs., of class completion. If someone cannot complete the class, your monies will be transferred to an upcoming QL2 class.