Quantum Business Integrations (QBI)

$1,997.00 Per Person

Corporate discounts available for over 20 people.
Call for Scheduling Dates Online and/or Live trainings.

Integrating “The Foundation” material to start, expand, improve, and innovate your business culture, and profits in your company.

  • Create High-Performance Teams, that are self-motivated.
  • Personal goals, with measurement systems, that produce raving clients, higher business profits, retention, and 100% commitment from your teams/employees.
  • Relationship skill sets to resolve conflicts, create deeper trust, save time and energy.
  • Practices that reduce stress while creating better efficiencies.
  • Create a workplace environment and culture that attracts the best employees and retains them.
  • Innovation and team alignment that serves everyone. Employees, clients, owners, shareholders.
  • Clear communication skill practices, which prevent wasted time, and increase profits and productivity.
  • Subjective communication. What are you really communicating? How you can gauge results immediately and the tools/practices that create new avenues /new results.
  • Grounded, Directed, Agenda/ The 3 Keys to Effective Communication.
  • High-Performance Team Training Initiatives.
  • Emotional Intelligence Awareness, Training, and Implementation.
  • High yield Company Profits with Individual Rewards, buy-in, and accountabilities.
  • Creating a Spiritually Fulfilling Career and Work environment, for each individual.
  • Creating High Morale, Cultural Integrity, and Inclusive Dynamic work/home environments.


  • Online Class has protocols and you will receive a letter outlining them.
  • When we are able to do a live class, you also will receive a letter outlining any protocols.
  • Breaks will be approx. every hour. Lunch will be one hour on Sat. and Sun., with time working in small teams, in a breakout room.
  • Any Live classes would be held in Las Vegas, NV. at this time.
  • Future live classes TBA Locations and dates

If you are not satisfied with the value received, there will be a Money Back Guarantee, for those attending all 4 sessions, and completing the class, minus a $50.00 processing fee. Request must be received in writing within 48 hrs., of class completion. If someone cannot complete the class, your monies will be transferred to an upcoming QL2 class.