$2,499.00 Per Person
5 Consecutive Days On-Site.
Dates & Location TBA 2022, Call or Email for more information.

A deep dive into what has gotten you to survive, which has created hard-wired beliefs based on our initial environments and experiences in life. Grounding in these systems to move to Higher states of mind. Utilizing the parts that work for you, and blending/balancing them, with your higher states of awareness and consciousness.

  • 1st circuit: Survival/Security. Biological Survival: Early unconscious. Friend/Foe, Acceptance/Rejection. Pain/Pleasure. Loved/Not Loved
  • 2nd circuit: Territorial/Emotional. Expansion of Ego. Control/Manipulation. Attention/Acceptance. Alpha/Beta
  • 3rd circuit: Conceptual. Intellectual World/ Intelligence/ Capability/
  • 4th circuit: Social/Sexual. Place/Status. Reproduction/Relationship patterns, Male/Female roles-energies. Social Acceptance/Rejection. Right/Wrong belief systems.
  • 5th circuit: Bliss/Healing, Neurosomatic Feedback /Hedonism/Somatic Learning
  • 6th circuit: Psychic/ Metaphysical//Shamanic/ Rituals/ Transcendental Experiences
  • 7th circuit: Mythical Intelligence/ Channeled Information/ Connection to Source/Archetypes
  • 8th circuit: Quantum Consciousness/Ego Loss/ God-Goddess Embodiment/Manifestation


  • Online Class has protocols and you will receive a letter outlining them.
  • When we are able to do a live class, you also will receive a letter outlining any protocols.
  • Breaks will be approx. every hour. Lunch will be one hour on Sat. and Sun., with time working in small teams, in a breakout room.
  • Any Live classes would be held in Las Vegas, NV. at this time.
  • Future live classes TBA Locations and dates

Tuition is non-refundable & Transferable to other QL2 Classes.