The Foundation

The foundational awareness and techniques of all that Chuck has learned, integrated, and taught for over 36 years. The cornerstones of Personal Development and Self Leadership.

Day 1 – 3:00pm – 7:00 pm PST

Day 2 – 11:00am – 7:00pm PST

Day 3 – 11:00am -7:00pm PST

Graduation – 3:00pm – 4:00pm PST

  • Emotional Intelligence Technologies. Understand self-sabotage and self-limiting, deep unconscious beliefs, that keep you blocked. How your unconscious mind truly operates, and experience how to use it for your benefit during the class.
  • Discover the keys to releasing stress and anxiety immediately. The Power of Visualization, Reduce Stress, Improve sleep and Health, Clarity, and Concentration. Create more natural energy in your body, regardless of age or condition, so you canbe, do and have more.
  • Mentally and emotionally re-framing any and every experience, to serve you.
  • Personal Alignment and Power/ Confidence building techniques. Gaining clarity in making the decisions that forward you, to what you want.
  • Behavioral Understanding of self and others, to shift and apply to every situation.
  • Techniques to improve the relationship with Self and Others. Create better, more fulfilling relationships now.Practice the art of authentic communication and alignment of self.
  • Shift a Fixed/contraction/scarcity mindset, to a growth/expansion/abundant mindset. Expanding your opportunities immediately with regards to, career, finances, friends, relationships, and self.
  • Creating strong Personal Leadership during times of change. Overcoming Challenges and Obstacles to your Goals now! Getting what you need.
  • Truly understanding unconscious patterns that are self-defeating, and adjusting them, to self-propelling ones that incorporate in a cohesive and energizing whole. Stop repeating habitual patterns that prevent you from healing and releasing the past
  • High-Level Communication / Listening Skill Technologies
  • Creating a CLEAR roadmap, knowing exactly where you really are, to get to where you really want, in every area of your life.
  • The technologies for Personal Alignment creating Powerful, Effective, Centered, Calm, Forward Opportunities, and new choices. Overcome feeling “stuck” for good with proven and teachable physiological systems of Breathing and Mind/Body Practices.

$997.00 per person.
Corporate discounts are available for groups of 20+ people.
Call for Scheduling Dates Online and/or Live Trainings.


  • Online Class has protocols and you will receive a letter outlining them.
  • When we are able to do a live class, you also will receive a letter outlining any protocols.
  • Breaks will be approx. every hour. Lunch will be one hour on Sat. and Sun., with time working in small teams, in a breakout room.
  • Any Live classes would be held in Las Vegas, NV. at this time.
  • Future live classes TBA Locations and dates

If you are not satisfied with the value received, there will be a Money Back Guarantee, for those attending all 4 sessions, and completing the class, minus a $50.00 processing fee. Request must be received in writing within 48 hrs., of class completion. If someone cannot complete the class, your monies will be transferred to an upcoming QL2 class.